Coach Brinegar knows each swimmer as an individual. She strives for each individual to be the best he/she can be. The sky is the limit in her mind. With high expectations, you can achieve the unthinkable! Coach is my daughter’s number one fan! (In everything she does, not just swimming)

Alicia Johnson, Parent of Maggie Johnson

As a parent of now two young competitive swimmers and a USA swimming official who is constantly volunteering and interacting with other clubs, parents, swimmers and swim officials I believe that Club Olympia is just one of the best competitive swim clubs in the country – rigorous and professionally designed work out protocol aimed to achieve the best possible results tailored to individual kid’s capabilities and aspirations. Coaching team led by Head Coach Brinegar is absolutely dedicated to every kid’s performance. I am  impressed with how they encourage every kid to work a little harder, pay attention to details, and try to learn new skills. Club Olympia like very few other places prepares your kid to be physically and mentally strong and understand that no matter what you do hard work and full dedication pays lifelong dividends. Club Olympia activities have tremedous positive impact on my kids’ life today and hopefully in the future.

Alex Machavariani, Parent of Misha & Tony

Club Olympia swim team is a competitive club, which my swimmer focused on improving her skills through competitions. It is also a family-oriented environment allowing my swimmer to interact with her age group not only being competitive but a responsible friend to other kids. It is the kind of club to swim because of the best coaching technique my swimmer gets and satisfaction guaranteed to us as parents.

Yvonne Cortez, Parent of Nalanie Cortez

We have been with Club Olympia the past two years and have enjoyed our experiences with the club. Coach Brinegar is the best of the best and we feel so fortunate to be taught by her. I have three children that swim with the club, and they are not only learning swimming skills, but also skills that can help them throughout the rest of their life. They are learning how to work hard, how to get back up after defeat, and how to lift and encourage others around them. This Club is like family, we enjoy having socials and hanging out away from swimming events. I feel so blessed to have my kids being coached by one of the best and get to have great experiences in competitive swimming.

Elise Pendleton, Parent of Brooklyn, Joshua & Lily