Thirty-seven Club Olympia swimmers competed in the Indian Creek Aquatic Club ChaseStrong Invitational last weekend.

On the first day, 18 swimmers competed in the ChaseStrong Challenge, which consists of the 400-yard individual medley and 200 butterfly. This challenge is named after Chase Smith, a senior at Indian Creek and one of Indiana’s best age group swimmers before being diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2014 and undergoing treatment in 2014-15, as well as 2016 and again in 2019-20 for reoccurences. While many swimmers consider those two events to be among the most grueling, the 400 IM and 200 butterfly were favorite races for Smith as a 13-14-year-old at Indiana’s Age Group State Championships, where they are contested on the same day.

Twenty-three Club Olympia swimmers also competed in the final event of the evening, the 1,000 freestyle, with one (a 7-year-old) competing in the 500 Freestyle.

On the final day, 22 Club Olympia swimmers received a medal for being in top eight in their respective age groups in the Pentathlon, a special event which was the combined times from five specific events. The 13-and-overs competed in a 100 of each stroke and the 200 IM, 11-12 and 10-and-unders competed in a 50 of each stroke and the 200 IM and 8-and-unders competed in a 25 of each stroke and a 100 IM.

Winners of gold medals in their age groups included Maggie Johnson (15-and-over); Ethan Meyer (15-and-over); Nalanie Cortez, who won all five events (13-14); Brady Beyer (13-14); Misha Machavariani (11-12); Connelly Furnish (10-and-under) and Avi Banerjee (8-and-under).

Silver medalists were Joshua Pendleton (10-and-under) and Aashka Shah (8-and-under). Bronze medalists were Hannah Manlief (15-and-over), Ashley Freel (13-14) and Todd Hundley (11-12).

Placing fourth-through-eighth and receiving a medal on the podium were Braylee Moore (15-and-over), Hope Westphal (13-14), Cassidy Furnish (11-12), Sanaa Kulkarni (10-and-under), Grier Lane (10-and-under), Advika Badve (10-and-under), Tony Machavariani (10-and-under), Ivanka Chandelkar (8-and-under), Claire Liu (8-and-under) and Lily Pendleton (8-and-under).